The Secret to Hogan’s Game From 120 Yards and In.

Hogan spent four arduous years in a daily regimen to find what worked in the swing and what didn’t. This torturous procedure he called “digging it out of the dirt” (now a Hogan cliche) and it was this process he might recommend to people he didn’t like, or to those who were brash enough to sidle up and ask for his secret. Depending upon his unpredictable mood, Hogan would invite the inquirer -- even though a colleague -- to work it out on his own, and/or would deflect the annoyance with a misleading suggestion.

Hearing references to Hogan hitting thousands of balls per week, most amateurs might think that this practice regime is what they have to do in order to play a decent game -- fortunately, this is not necessarily so. This book will tell you how to ingrain the system and then keep it ‘on hand’ with short but specific bursts of home-work.
If you would like to master Hogan's swing -- man or woman. Here's what to do:

  1. Read how to use the Magical Device with putting and chipping -- theoretically fifty-five percent of your game. And if numbers get your attention: my average putts per round went from thirty-three to twenty-seven, and my gross score bettered my age nine times in competition the first season with Hogan’s system.

  2. Learn and ingrain Hogan’s ‘Magical Device’ with a simple psych-lab formula: take thirty short putts per day from six feet, and thirty short chips per day from fifteen feet -- keep it up for seven days and amaze yourself. The down side is that you will earn the jealous enmity of your friends -- who probably liked you only because you kept losing to them anyway. Hogan had something very close to this laboratory proven method by simply advising: “Practice with the Magical Device for fifteen minutes per day for a week, and you’ve got it."


This book will present ten stages of Ben Hogan’s swing system in detail, and will provide the necessary related drills to secure these images within your memory bank. You will learn ways to review the details at home for just a few minutes per day. Using Hogan’s short-game system, physically fit amateur golfers can play the game well enough to maintain a single digit handicap and make their presence known in club competitions.


And for that ambition, wouldn’t it be valuable to be able to call on ‘Hogan’s System’ with nothing more than two or three practice swings? To be able to hurry from an unexpected meeting, late to the first tee, and actually be confident about playing well, because you have a system to tune in? Further than that, not worrying about the first putt on the first green without a warm-up putt, because you know exactly what to do? You have a structured system -- and by God it works.

“I recently purchased and read your book "Ben Hogan's Short Game Simplified." This is, without a doubt, the best instructional golf book I have ever read, based not only on the content, but where the rubber meets the road -- the actual effect it has made on my understanding of the golf swing, my ball-striking, my scores and ultimately, my enjoyment of the game. Thank you, very, very much for taking the time to do the research and for writing this great book.”

-Richard A. Cross. Cypress, CA

“What a wonderful book! This is something I've been searching for my whole life. I learned the grip from 'Five Lessons' but couldn't figure out much else.”

-George Noth. Prince George, BC.

Over the past 28 years I've read everything I could about Ben Hogan. I have checked your book out from my local library and have found it to be the most eye opening of any book I have ever read concerning Hogan's swing mechanics.

-Ron Cummings, Canton Ohio

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